Ensure that your staff’s experience, knowledge and company culture combined with effective research and data is aligned with the needs of your clients. These DNA elements complement a winning team to secure, maintain and grow sales. We combine teams, tools and sector knowledge to help you set up and execute sales strategies incorporating the essential DNA elements to fulfil your client requirements.

Culture vs Sales

  • Inhouse Interim Management
  • MarCom & Sales Management & Activations
  • Transformation (change) Management
  • Project & Program Management
  • Organization Design & Setup Identity (local & cross-border)
  • Information Management
  • Collective Data Collection (intern & extern)
  • Future & Current trends
  • Competence management
  • DNA Alignment
  • HR strategy & transformation
  • Leadership development
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From the start, RealLife Concepts always responded to the needs of the customer, combining people's talent and outcomes and aligning the corporate culture. DNA and psychology play a crucial role for us. After all, the DNA of a company (management, owners and staff) determines the company, its direction and success!

Through our RLC METHOD we provide insight into this. A steering instrument that provides insight into what you want to undertake activities on vision, people, strategy and trade (Offering, Cultuure, Technology), we are working with Talent & Outcomes to combine and align to achieve business goals and thus to form a strong team or strong city, community, product. Looking at who someone is, what someone can do and the match between person and work or organization. For the benefit of evaluation, but especially of development.

With change as a constant, development is a requirement. We support and provide insight, assess and develop with a wide range of consultancy services (together with strategic partners) that are necessary for success, varying from Digital workshops, individual as well as company assessments and coaching to cultural analyzes and development programs, advertising externally.

In addition to our digital tools, the right Sme to bind us and coordinate, manage and realize the projects, that is our added value, now that the combination of virtual and analogue world of work demands higher and higher demands on the quality of human interaction through digitization and International co-operation. creation the way to go!